Grant funding experts

Want to secure grant funding to transform your business or idea?

Now is the perfect time to access government grant funding

Why grant funding?

You don't pay it back and you don't sacrifice equity.

Companies that receive grant funding are 10% more likely to survive than others.

There is over £2.5bn of government grant funding available in this financial year.

It can transform your business or innovation.


What we do

Efficiency - we do the heavy lifting on your grant application, you concentrate on your core business.

Experience - we use our specialist knowledge of the application and the assessment process to ensure your submission is outstanding.

Ease - we have model templates for you to work with.

Guidance - we take you through the whole process so everything is clear. 

Detail - each segment of your application is carefully analysed prior to submission.


Why choose Grant Starter?

  • Eight years of experience in the UK R&D grant funding landscape.

  • 80% success rate in government funding applications.

  • £7m secured over the last four years

  • We know what assessors want - we have worked with them!

  • We beat all our competition on price.

  • If you fail on your first attempt we'll help you to resubmit at no cost.