About Us

We are experienced in preparing successful grant funding applications and are passionate about innovation. Writing an application can take a huge amount of time and resource, which is why we are here to do the heavy lifting for you throughout the process.
Our story

We know that many fantastic innovations in the UK do not progress further because they are unable to raise the necessary finance. 

Too often, we see businesses fail to apply for government grant funding because of a lack of time, resource, experience and no understanding of the processes or the assessors. That is why we created Grant Starter– we want your businesses and innovations to succeed.

Our experience

The Grant Starter team has helped others secure over £7 million of grant funding from the UK Government and internationally, involving businesses and organisations of all sizes. 

With our time spent working alongside assessors, we have an in-depth view of how funders operate and what they are looking for from your grant proposal.

Our offer

Writing a grant proposal can take many weeks to months if you are unfamiliar with funder (e.g. Innovate UK) requirements. The human resource cost to you can be in the tens of thousands of pounds. We make the process far more efficient, developing your proposal quickly and cost-effectively

Using our specialist knowledge and methodologies we give you end to end guidance through the application process. We have archetypal answers, drawing on previous feedback to avoid the pitfalls that prevent you from securing funding.