When it comes to grant funding applications, our service is simple. We cut out the hassle for you, we help you to produce a fantastic product and we check it all for you prior to submission. If you aren't successful with us first time, we offer you a free re-submission service.

Application Co-Development

Our co-development service is fast, reliable and first-rate!

  1. We discuss your innovation and help you frame it to please the assessors.

  2. We provide a detailed application structure that you follow for every question.

  3. You use our structure to create a high quality first draft.

  4. Full application review sent to you prior to discussion.

  5. You use our expert feedback to develop your final draft.

  6. Full application review and Copy Editor checks sent to you prior to discussion.

  7. You submit an outstanding application.

Application Authoring

Don't have the time to work on the application at all? Let us take care of it for you!​​

- You provide us with your detailed business plan and project overview.

- We do the heavy lifting of the grant writing for you.

- We create your Gantt charts, risk registers and cost breakdowns.

- 3 x 60 min stage-gate calls with you to check you are happy with our product.

- We upload it all to the application portal for you.

- You submit an outstanding application.


Grant Management

No time for the hassle of quarterly grant claims? Want your payments on time?

Our highly experienced Claims Manager can

prepare all of your quarterly grant claims.


That means you focus on your day-to-day operations whilst our Claims Manager ensures that you maintain spend profile, meet the requirements of your Monitoring Officer and avoid making errors that delay grant payments.


If you wish, you can build the Claims Management costs into your grant application, meaning you get a great service at a highly subsidised price.